Hi, Friends! I'm Carolina

I’m a certified health coach, and I’m always in pursuit of my healthiest and happiest self. (And, yes, those can exist in the same space!)

I take my role as a wife and mom (of 2 sweet boys) very seriously. BUT, I also know from experience, if I don’t prioritize my health and happiness, nobody else will do it for me.

After my first son came along, the new reality of being a mom made it super challenging for me to stay true to myself.

I had to embrace so much change. Honestly, I was lost.

I wanted my energy back. I wanted my time back. I wanted to find a way to take care of myself while taking care of my growing family.

After some tears and a lot of self-reflection, I finally made the decision that doing what makes me happy is just as important as everything else. In fact, it helps me to be more present in everything.

Remember: When we are happy, the people around us win, too.

For me, that happy place has always been a healthy lifestyle, cooking and feeding myself with nourishing foods and supporting my body to perform at it’s best.

I’ve learned a few more lessons since then, and I hope you’ll let me share them with you.

Essential Lessons for a Healthy + Happy Lifestyle:

  1. It’s a constant journey. Being truly healthy means learning how to listen to your body. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t say the same thing forever. Being constantly in tune with what you need is an art, but it’s really fun once you start to see the effects of getting the art down!

  2. Getting healthy should feel like the truest version of you. If it doesn’t, stop what you’re doing and reevaluate. If you’ve only been at it a couple of days, it may still feel foreign. Once you settle in, though, it should never feel unsustainable, like you can’t continue for a long period of time. If you start feeling that way, that means you’re dieting (and that’s a dirty word here at The Kale Club).

  3. Health can shine through in a variety of ways. It’s not just about food. It’s not just about weight. Celebrate all the ways the healthiest you is shining through. Don’t forget to cherish the small wins.

Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness
— Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

Perks of a Healthy Lifestyle: The Results

Gain energy

If every amazing working mom had a catchphrase, it would probably be, “I’m just tired.” While busy has become a badge of honor in many areas of our culture, busy doesn’t have to equal exhausted. Learn how to get your body ready for sleep, blend up an energy-boosting smoothie, and practice movement that adds to your energy instead of adding to stress and depletion.

Boost immunity

Can you imagine a winter when sickness didn’t set you back? Immunity can not only keep you from getting sick, but as a result, it can also prevent you from falling off track from your healthy journey. Learn how to boost your immune system while eating DELICIOUS food and protect yourself--physically and mentally--during the changing seasons.

Get that glow

Gut-check: When was the last time you confidently sported a no-makeup look? Do you drench your skin with moisture only for it to still flake and dry out? Do you steer clear of moisture in an effort to starve the oil from your skin? Are you stuck trying product after product with no solution to your skin problems? Truth: The nourishing of your skin starts from within. Learn how to support your skin with your daily nutrition and regularly say “out with the old and in with the new” through detoxing the healthy way.

Fix digestion

It’s the underbelly (pun-intended) of a not so healthy life. Nobody else may know, but it affects every part of you: how you feel, your level of confidence, your enjoyment of foods, and more. Learn how to beat the bloat and pinpoint the sneaky foods that are stealing your confidence.

Move your body

Developing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean spending hours and hours (that you don’t have) at the gym. Learning to effectively move your body is equally about your mindset and finding movement that fuels you up in both health and happiness. Learn how to plan your happy movement month on the blog!

Shed weight

When setting out on the journey toward health, most of our primary motivations have something to do with weight. Whether it’s to get toned, fit into your favorite jeans, or figure out how to be busy and look good at the same time, most women feel they have a little extra weight to shed. Though any start to a healthy journey is a valid one, this change requires a healthy mindset as well as healthy practices. Learn how to get your mind right, develop your own healthy eating plan, and plan your workouts while still having a life on the blog.

The Road to Happy + Healthy Starts Here

Wheel of Intentions by Kimothy Joy  www.kimothyjoy.com

Wheel of Intentions by Kimothy Joy www.kimothyjoy.com


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